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5 more days lyrics – perzonal war


going deeper getting under
the surface that i never dared to touch all times
where go to? where we have come from?
and what is the reason for acceptance that we are
struggling for?

[all of us] long for a ticket
[all of us] pay for a seat
[all of us] take time and kick it
[all of us] until we bleed

am i really waiting for a sign
or lays the answer to mu question in me for a whole
where i come from? and where i go?
letting loose my mind to see my vision grow


on day one i was going under
on day two i begin to wonder
is it worth the time i walk this twisting line?
on day three i thought of my ways
on the fourth day looked my face
to get back myself i needed five more days

why am i hanging in a balance?
not able to decide not make a step and take my last
the stones in my way have to be moved
the real sense of inner strength has to be proved





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