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5 seconds til the end lyrics – locnville


you don’t want to know how much i’ve been trying.and who would
wanna know that inside i’m dying.’cause we only go 5 seconds til the
world ends .
chorus :
yep we only got five seconds til the world ends

i don’t want now how much i’ve been missing and i don’t wanna
know how far you feel distant you felt so cold . even with the sunrise
.i never really showed you that i only know sometimes . i guess i
never showed you how much i still loved you . i’m never gonna know
you.i but ill never run from you.i want you to k ow , know , know what
they should’ve said long ago . i want you to go , go ,go to run and tell
everybody that you know we only got 5 seconds to the world ends
yep we only got 5 seconds til the world ends

i feel like there’s a few hours keep ticking by minutes deja vu . hey
when the nights get colder lies get bolder my mind says hold up wait
could is be over , i look in closer. i took in solar rays and e days
spent sober paging over the books that showed my way. you can
find me by the sunrise.hey. i’ll be handing out the sunshine hey. and
i know how to serve mine like i just woke up and i’m living for the first
time .

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