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5 steps lyrics – ashram


i wake up.
i remember your colours.
a feeling of infinite,
like slowly falling leaves on a winter’s day…
they fly softly,
they dance, they rock me.
and as soon as i manage to follow one’s flight,
another one catches my attention.
leaves that will never touch the ground – they travel,
each time in a different way,
they are emotions of your memory that leave me breathless,
they are indelible, everlasting…

i let the leaves fall,
i don’t hold – afterall, i can’t…
my soul is five steps long…
when, after some little noises upstairs,
with a leap you were five steps from me, 5 steps,
and the distance covered was the lengh of my soul.
my soul ended there,
it knew where to go,
with no doubts, no hesitations,
one way,
the only way that could be travelled over.

when i held you,
silence, breaths, symphony of deep whispers,
light and piercing,
some things don’t have any life to render an account to,
any loyal gesture, any obligation, any duty to fulfil.
they take you by the hand
and you know you’re following yourself,
you know you can’t be wrong…

i let the leaves fall,
i don’t hold – after all, i can’t…
my soul is five steps long…
i want to live five-steps long emotions
that break down on me like a wave,
as if i were a sh-r- to go back to
and then move away from five steps, again and again…
you’re like the sea…

the five steps that part us, they measure the precise lengh of my soul…
it is as long as its distance from you…
it ends where you starts,
and there it finishes.

it completes itself.

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