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5 to 9 lyrics – hustler


have u ever worked 9 to 5, like my 9 to 5?
it comes and it goes like it’s a surprise.

ghetto laps, i was made to go round and round,
now nothing’s more imp. to me than the hip hop beats,
and it’s sound that surrounds.
next race, and this one’s a highway,
i see flashin’ lights coz i’m entering the freeway.
karma, my weapon,
is my only camouflage,
nothing is second,
coz m a shining star.
a will to make it happen
and i just won’t stop,
boys around surround me while they are clapping,
to the glorious beats of hip-hop.
yeah i got the beats, i got the lines,
feel the power of the bars, with my rhymes.
sleep for a moment, while i work out,
a hustle on my way for a smooth smoke out.
nothing, now nothing can suffice me,
if u don’t believe, go ahead and try me.
i’ve started with my demo, coz it’s high time, i amplify this heat.
9 to 5 wasn’t working for me, so i worked 5 to 9,
now i’m waiting for a deal.
blessings on my way and holy waters rain this time,
this is all i have with a varied b-ss line.
working all day and to suffer every second?
every second i went thru d pain,
coz my life just won’t stop wreckin’.
goodness in my life were just few moments,
now i lost them even as a memory, coz everyhting’s f-ckin’ broken.
sleeping with anger and disgust,
i don’t wanna talk about it,
i wanna million bucks,
by selling the idea about it.
like a nomad in this city, i’ve come from the gr-ssroots of new delhi. you don’t know what it’s like to struggle for a dime, i did it all and fought to struggle for
a life 5 to 9. you are not like me, u must have done this once, think of d m-ssacre if there was a reoccurrence. this is new, brand new, hip hop with the
base, it’s a life cycle, so nothing goes waste.
i don’t care if u try to weaken me… i’ve done this once… i’ll do it again, even when m asleep i’ll find d strength in me… spent my whole life doin’ 9 to 5… so i go underground working 5 to 9… coz m done with my life now i need a record deal sign.
i was doped, i broke, i couldn’t get by 9 to 5 n i was a joke… what to say what to do… he can’t get by wid the f-cking daily blues… a true rapper
is an artist expressing himself… rolling in high speeds, waiting till the very end… i got hash that’s pure… my life is made, now u know what
my heart feels like that’s y it’s drug money i chase…
just wanted to love, now imagine what i have,
what goes around comes back around,
n this is a circle of life, remember that!
for all you who didn’t give it to me,
it comes back around,
don’t expect a turn around spree…
it’s not that easy as i thought it would be,
but i suppose this is how the splits are meant to be.
you only know how to split it coz u can’t dig it,
that’s my style, watch me go far wid it.
i’m a hustler and i can code it,
my shipments are secure coz i wrote it.
everything’s in motion when it’s my deal,
i’m a hustler and i know how to carry out my meals. the distributions r necessary, the priority is primary… i got nothing for ya,
except some pity. you can’t make it thru the way i do it, whatever i say, i can, coz i don’t want to prove it.
my sign is on special places and is enough for me to get high, i spend time at bars alone and drink enough just to get by. sitting in cafes alone, i never
wanted it, now you cry in misery and don’t come after me wanting it. music is my love and life, i don’t care if u think it’s lifeless,
for me it’s living and yeah it’s priceless.

f-ck that chord man,
coz i got no money to record,
all i got is a song written n ready to dedicate to y’all…
9 to 5 being my life and i get r-t-rded.
i go for 5 to 9 as my rehab, they think i’m weakhearted.

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