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50-50 lyrics – wiley


yeah, it? s eskiboy aka wiley
and i? m back, still treddin?
a right nice 50/50

yo, i? m 50/50, nifty nifty
got the best deal, n-body can twist me
every time somebody try to shoot me
i flip the board, they miss me, miss me

they don? t wanna two fist me, fist me
i? m quick, i used to kick ball with [incomprehensible]
and now, i fly through the air like a frisbee
or paper aeroplanes, see my life is risky

they like the hype and i like the mic
we both like to fight, them girls like to lips me
i don? t mind, i? m an artist
don? t take part if you don’t like drama, that’s risky

everyday i make history
if i wanna turn muslim, i? ll go and see ibby and shifty
i got a brand new deal, at the other end it? s 50/50

i? m 50/50, hold tight big dadda
eskiboy, roll deep, boy better know
nothing look, e3 all day
so shu hut muh

it? s not 2% after recruitment blood
it? s 50/50, i got too many memories of pain
and now you can? t hit me

[incomprehensible] let go now
before i show ya whole street about e-loan history
i ain? t mad i? m a 2-6 dad, 2-38 spang? 2 times 6 bang?
and she loves me, just like everybody? s girl loves frisky? s show

i gotta let you know, this seems tipsy, f-ck
when i? m on the stage, dj don? t worry, just mix me
we could be in leicester, we could be in [incomprehensible]

watch me, i can get the whole crowd with me
can? t get rid of me, i? m so nippy
and my new alb-m did more than convince me
i? m a star in the sky, can? t miss me, you can? t miss me

eskiboy aka wiley aka igloo boy aka roll deep
boy better know, grime, what ever you wanna call it
and i? m not even eatin’ pies anymore
i? m not even eatin’ pies, i don? t want no more pies
man? s lookin’ for the big p, you get me? 50 b-mbaclut 50

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