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50 bars lyrics – lil duke


yeah, this your boy lil duke
and we ain’t got no hook for this motherf-cker, ya digg?

this that one sh-t that these n-gg-s be dreaming about
she sucking my d-ck and she suck all the s-m-n out
hop in the brand new and they bring the demons out
been having bags, i ain’t seen a drought
i took the leader out
poured up a four in a liter now
these n-gg-s so greedy now
i do this sh-t here for my people now
they playin’ me all in they speakers now
ain’t goin’ nowhere without no heater now
catchin’ them b-lls like i’m a receiver now
thought i was dumb, now they believe me now
bout to turn up and give they -ss a reason now
trap out the spot with the keys and pounds
hundred racks, that’s on the visa now
smoked a whole pound of the reefer, wow
what the f-ck is all the beef about
seventy-five hundred for features now
you say you gettin’ money, lil n-gg- put down
since a young n-gg-, been running the town
don’t talk around bosses, quit running your mouth
run off wih that money, they gon’ run you down
geeked off the molly, i’m booted up
came up in the trenches, they shooting up
run through your block and just shoot it up
make your baby mama tweet it up
i just want thumb through that money and turn you up
rich n-gg- bosses saluting us
play with that money, lil homie gon’ burn you up
you talkin’ broke, i know you aren’t concerning us
talk ‘bout the money, i just like to count it up
make one phone call and my young n-gg- pulling up
pullin’ up, hoppin’ out the bentley truck
you know they fake, they ain’t real as us
these n-gg-s ain’t real as us
i used to ride on a bus
i used to be broke as f-ck
ran it up, bought me a truck
then sat it on forgi’s
i just keep it cordial
broke little b-tches keep moving
you can’t afford me
bad little b-tch and she with me
she so gorgeous
[?] on the scene
i was so bad she couldn’t do nothin’ but win
knew i would make it, i stayed with my team
don’t park the phantom in the parking lot
hop in the rari, i’m switching the club
trap out the store, and the sticks in the cut
freaky little b-tches like it in the b-tt
smashing the pedal, we dodgin’ in traffic
we hop on the lear
ysl takeover, yeah this our year
love all the hate, how you think i got here?
wrist in the [?], shop as a pimp
you in the kitchen, just bring the utensil
n-gg- talk crazy, i knock out his dental
serving them chickens, i’m just like ms winter
n-gg-s be flexing and talk like they [?]
boy you got lint in your pocket and pennies
i got some bad b-tches long distance
ran to the money, we ran up them digits
i’m running the team like the motherf-ckin’ pitcher
walk in the building, they calling me mister
smoking that gas and i smell like a hippie
what is that in your cup, what is you sipping?
way and i had to go get it
all my n-gg-s muggin’, you know they not friendly
but they like to play in the club, throw a fifty
d-mn, bought all the strippers some benzes
i got another check, boy did i mention
b-tches say ysl winning
bought her some -ss and some t-tties
we came with ratchets like tennis
jumped off the porch with a pistol
robbing and taking, i’m guilty
then go get a room at the hilton
i was so dirty and filthy
nut in her mouth, she my baby k!ller
nut on her eye, she my babysitter
i’m michael jackson, be the thriller
run in the street with none’ but k!llers
i’m from the three where you get it
twenty-three shots through your fitted
not thinkin’ ‘bout losing, i know i’ma win it
half of these n-gg-s pretending
ain’t none of these n-gg-s my business
ain’t none of these n-gg-s my business
all of my n-gg-s keep winning
lord forgive me for my sins

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