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50 bourbon street lyrics – the black halos


if there’s a lover’s graveyard
i’m sure she’s digging me a grave
i’m sure my marker will read
“world’s biggest sucker for a pretty face”
every time i think i’ve finally found my mate
she feels scared or she feels trapped
and eventually escapes

so now i’m loving the bottle
i’m trying to kill the pain
lips wrapped around it like the end of a gun
i’m gonna drink her love away

yeah, love is for losers
the greatest lovers were fools
love will pick you up and bury you down in the dumps
it’ll make a cold stiff one out of you

i don’t know why i fall for it
it’s so cliche
life’s some kind of twisted game
i just can’t help but play

i’m a p-wn and they’re all queens
they know all the secret moves
and just when i think i’ve won
they always go and change the rules

yeah, love’s like a bar-tab
you just drink it away
it just keeps on building up
and in the endyou’ve gotta pay

so now i’m hitting on a waitress
i keep calling her “nurse”
love will leave you like an empty gl-ss
when you’re dying of thirst

can i have just one more beer nurse?
can’t you see i’m dying here now nurse?
can’t you see i’m too dry for tears now nurse?
oh, nurse…
can i have just one more beer nurse?

yeah if you need to find me
well you know where i’ve been
i’m commiting suicide
down at 50 bourbon street

50 bourbon
50 bourbon
50 bourbon
50 bourbon street

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