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50 cent gotta die 2nite lyrics – d-block


‘ayo my squads so gangsta (d-block)! here’s my hypothesis n-bobdy stoppin’ us, i got some in the clip and i won’t hesisitate to get them out. your hungry? i’ll feed you, make room for cotton in your mouth. 50, of course you gonna’ sell when you’re in a no lose-win situation, n-gg-‘ i’m bein’ real, you got one of the greatest producers ever. your lil’ house party was cute ‘n sh-t, i shoulda’ brought a suit ‘n sh-t, you lil’ industry b-tch. haha, they don’t know ‘kiss in africa? shut up snitch. and yo’, my man scoob holdin’ it down, don’t stop it yet. p-ssy, yeah that’s what you must be. ’cause when you got hit, you didn’t clap back(why didn’t you clap back)?!?
now you runnin’ ’round tryin’ to pop sh-t. let it be know i ain’t hatin’, but of course you’re gonna sell when you got dre you produce you sh-t. you didn’t have the decency to keep my name outta’ your songs n-gg-‘, so now it’s on n-gg-‘. there ain’t no strategy to beat me, f-ck sayin’ it on the records, i’m gonna’ say it publicly, curtis; you sunned-out! let me talk to your grandpops where he wanted the grand straps.

[sheek louch and jae hood:]
hahaha, south side mang’, (ggggggg) you p-ssy n-gg-‘, you sound like a f-ckin’ r-t-rd with your- (gggggg)
and i ain’t even gonna’ say anythin’ ’bout that other n-gg-, poonie needs to smack that n-gg-‘ up. (gggggggg) y’all n-gg-rs are rats. and when you follow a rat, you’re a motherf-ckin’ mouse n-gg-‘, y’all trying to go for tha’ cheese, you gonna’ get caught in tha’ trap n-gg-‘! i’m out! (d-block, a-ha!!!) ‘kiss kickin’ it; keeping it real for new york. fifty, n-gg-‘, we’ve got this sh-t thus far n-gg-‘. your career’s aight’ by far. but watch out motherf-cker. [gun c-cks in distance]

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