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50 hours in lyrics – typeone


can you feel it? x2

listen up, rolvasu (not done for the week)

50 hours in not done for the week
that’s 50 hours in not done for the week
im onnnnn
can you tell that im on?

verse 1:

time is money, but time don’t make sense
you wait around the watch and don’t ever see a payment
i’ve been grinding all these hours in my bas-m-nt
putting together the era open ovation
climbing up the slopes
getting deeper as i go
i see the mobiles on my mind and i made it i think so
so its easy come even easier to go
one day while at the top you’re coming down ya i think so
you know, after all these hours of ch-r-s
you’re gonna make it habit you’re gonna start making noise
getting louder and louder can’t even hear my own voice
but what i’m saying really isn’t the point
that’s why i’m speaking in the first place
that’s why i’m taking the time
to develop these instrumentals to rhyme with (with)
only dealing with the finest
i know that i’m being biased
just wanna be the highest
person on the mountain or even just an island
the point of view of everybody goes incredibly silent
from the trolls to the giants
forgetting the money right now becuz effort is the only thing really timeless

(hook x2)

this is all kinda draining me to death
the lyrics and the music is simply a sore attest
working hard with that caffeinated breath
and the certainty is looming but honestly i ain’t even stressed
it’s all the same, applicable everywhere
when you have that certain feeling that’s often too difficult to share
you know it’s love, you know it’s something important
confusion of the feeling is something you shouldn’t shorten
not for a core in the bugs, not for recording hugs
not for reporting information often overlooked
it’s for one purpose to see for yourself
whether it’s discipline in me or if it’s personal health
if there’s a p-ssion for a person or a p-ssion for a thing
when you’re going after the queen you better expect the beast
it’s not a common or a weakling
?????? the other side of the ceiling
yo, i’ll go and say it again
when there’s something you’re pursuing then it’s something you better defend
it doesn’t matter what you love or why
it only matters that you try, thats why i’m

(hook x2)

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