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50 niggas deep lyrics – drunken master


{record stratching}
alright now here we go

[drunken master]
fifty n-gg-z
fifty n-gg-z deep
we fifty n-gg-z deep
we fifty we fifty n-gg-z deep
we fifty n-gg-z deep
i’m nifty-nifty n-gg-z
i’m fifty n-gg-z deep
fifty n-gg-z deep
i’m fifty n-gg-z deep
you fifty n-gg-z deep
you fifty i’m fifty n-gg-z deep
fifty n-gg-z deep
i’m fifty n-gg-z deep
i’m fifty i’m fifty n-gg-z deep
fifty n-gg-z i’m fifty n-gg-z deep

[drunken master]
verse 1:
yo(x3), i roll wit’ nothin’ but them real n-gg-z (one),
hard to kill n-gg-z (two)
quick-to-grab-the-steel n-gg-z, (three)
soldier in the field, n-gg-z (four)
hard to find n-gg-z, (five)
out there on the grind n-gg-z (six)
quick to put the nine to the spine them out of line n-gg-z (seven)
thug n-gg-z, (eight)
a slug to your mug n-gg-z (nine)
drug n-gg-z, (ten)
ski mask and bl–dy glove n-gg-z (eleven)
triple-beam n-gg-z, (twelve)
schemin’ for the green n-gg-z (thirteen)
them mean n-gg-z, (fourteen)
them million-dollar dream n-gg-z (“fifteen.”)
made n-gg-z, (sixteen)
them neva-be-a-slave n-gg-s (seventeen)
out-here-gettin’-paid n-gg-z, (eighteen)
cradle to the brave n-gg-z (nineteen)
them drunk n-gg-z, (twenty)
them fat blunts of skunk n-gg-z (twenty-one)
quick-to-pop-the-trunk n-gg-z, (twenty-two)
ready-for-the-funk n-gg-s (twenty-three)
wild n-gg-z, (twenty-four)
them crazy drunkenstyle n-gg-z (twenty-five)
loud n-gg-z, (twenty-six)
belle isle to seven mile n-gg-z (twenty-seven)
crip and blood n-gg-z, (twenty-eight)
clownin’ in the club n-gg-z (twenty-nine)
show me love n-gg-z, (thirty)
five on the bud n-gg-z (thirty-one)
deep in the game n-gg-z, (thirty-two)
out there slangin’ cane n-gg-z (thirty-three)
them main n-gg-z, (thirty-four)
them ‘money ain’t a thang’ n-gg-z (thirty-five)
them raw n-gg-z, (thirty-six)
them ball ’til they fall n-gg-z (thirty-seven)
them pullin’ pistols in the middle of the brawl n-gg-z (thirty-eight)
them cheddar chase n-gg-z, (thirty-nine)
ridin’-on-these-fake n-gg-z (forty)
them shady n-gg-s, (forty-one)
rolex and mercedes n-gg-z (forty-two)
them rida n-gg-z, (forty-three)
them ‘money on my mind’ n-gg-z (forty-four)
violate-mine-and-i’ma-gon’-pop-you-wit’-this-nine n-gg-z (forty-five)
on the block n-gg-z, (forty-six)
sittin’ in the spot n-gg-z (forty-seven)
throw-away glock wit’ a pocket full of rocks n-gg-z (forty-eight)
four-eleven smith n-gg-z, (forty-nine)
n-gg-z in the streets (fifty)
now add these n-gg-z up, i’m fifty n-gg-z deep

[lola damoan]
verse 2:
yo, i roll wit’ nothin’ but them pretty b-tches (one),
witty b-tches (two)
them neva-actin’-sh-tty b-tches, (three)
tattoo on the t-tty b-tches (four)
fine b-tches, (five)
them always on my mind b-tches (six)
you-got-the-money, you know i got time b-tches (seven)
them slick b-tches, (eight)
ain’t-scared-to-suck-a-d-ck b-tches (nine)
them rich b-tches, (ten)
them ‘who you callin’ b-tch?’ b-tches (eleven)
quick to blast b-tches, (twelve)
all about the cash b-tches (thirteen)
hittin-yo-stash-and-split-it-wit’-drunken-mast b-tches (fourteen)
live b-tches, (fifteen)
them f-ck-you-in-your-ride b-tches (sixteen)
rain-or-shine, -by-your-mothaf-ckin’-side b-tches (seventeen)
freak b-tches, (eighteen)
them in between the sheets b-tches (nineteen)
them call me daddy when you ballin’ through the streets b-tches (twenty)
them pretty nail b-tches, (twenty-one)
bail-me-outta-jail b-tches (twenty-two)
keepin-you-focused-while-i’m-tryin’-to-get-that-mail b-tches (twenty-three)
cheddar chase b-tches, (twenty-four)
never actin’ fake b-tches. (twenty-five)
quick-to-put-they-foot-up-the–ss-of-them-out-of-place b-tches (twenty-six)
them blaze a sack b-tches, (twenty-seven)
meet-you-on-the-‘lac b-tches (twenty-eight)
them pack-the-gat b-tches, (twenty-nine)
always got yo’ back b-tches (thirty)
cl-ssy b-tches, (thirty-one)
s-xy when they s-ssy b-tches (thirty-two)
‘call me janet, miss jackson if ya nasty’ b-tches (thirty-three)
out of town b-tches, (thirty-four)
help you put it down b-tches (thirty-five)
hangin’ around, give you p-ssy by the pound b-tches (thirty-six)
them do-it-all b-tches, (thirty-seven)
keep you standin’ tall b-tches (thirty-eight)
‘you say you ballin’, well meet me at the mall’ b-tches (thirty-nine)
on-the-grind b-tches, (forty)
nickel-plated nine b-tches (forty-one)
‘press rewind if the p-ssy don’t blow ya mind’ b-tches (forty-two)
neat b-tches, (forty-three)
them presidential suite b-tches (forty-four)
expitidions and them navigator jeep b-tches (forty-five)
them double-team b-tches, (forty-six)
f-ck you ’til you scream b-tches (forty-seven)
menage a trois like it’s a mothaf-ckin’ dream b-tches (forty-eight)
scandelous b-tches, (forty-nine)
them b-tches in the streets (fifty)
now add these b-tches up,
i’m fifty b-tches deep

[drunken master]
drunken master comin’ through with an i’ll crew.
fifty n-gg-z deep and we growin’ like mildew.
[lola damoan]
lola damoan comin’ through with an i’ll crew
we fifty b-tches deep and we growin’ like mildew

[drunken master talking]
“i’ll tell you what.
why don’t you and your b-tches get wit’ me and my n-gg-z na’mean
can set this mothaf-cka on off drunkenstyle.
feel me?”

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