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500 bars pt.2 lyrics – simba


out here thuggin since a baby
sellin drugs and f-ckin ladies
only money can persuade me
my b-tch ride me when im lazy

member b-tches wouldn’t fade me
now they want me cause im swayzee
pull up ona op like daily
i got bands so shoutout kd
rugar boys i f-ck wit them
dem other boys i bustin them
know u mad cause we k!lled yo man
but in this game i play to win
free my dawgs up out the pen
since drock died i never grin
n-gg-s tweetin out my name
you really mean it, how it been
tell the lord to forgive my sins
i did wrong to many men
want some work i got dat work
i am the plug, how many grams
pints of lean and plenty xans
just bought 8 shots from lil kim
freaky young he had the plan
i only sell to feed his fam
and you know i keep a drum
like i would never lead a band
gogo clappin, dj clappin
drop them peas like
im the best and still i am
said im bossin, k!ll i am
30 clips up in them rugars
old enough to do ya men
you won’t see me on no songs wit these n-gg-s
cause they b-tches
i ain’t wit it, i go get it
you want drugs come get prescriptions
stop that talkin, n-gg- listen
legi got pose like he be fishin
fix your job or he be missin
countin guap my fingers itchin
feds just wanna lock me up
n-gg-s ever shot me up
still on my block still wit my guys
im just a bit more popular
groupie b-tches top me up
but dat sh-t just not enough
i wanna buy my mom a house
i wanna buy my pops a truck
rugar boys i swear we up
if you ain’t gang then get the f-ck
got a little foreign b-tch
and im boutta make her nut
f-ck the opps they hate my guts
its okay them n-gg-s suck
ask these hoes they know w-ssup
just run up and try your luck
my team shootin like the pistons
got that like white like jason witten
you know flockin wit them chickens
all my life i made decisions
had to get it, sh-t ain’t givin
told yall i was gon be winnin
stack my money to the celling
im so hard dat sh-t ain’t healin
thats too bad i got no feelings
gone from maryland to the millions
see you lurkin but im chillin
on my side feeling good
poppin pills, rollin woods
you can’t catch me by your hood
ima g understood
play with me there’ll be blood
turn the plug to the jug
i needa way fatter nugs
dont get k!lled tryna mug
b-tch im young and a thug
and im young, countin dubs
yo b-tch give me back rubs
b-tches give me mad love
that sh-t back you sad bruh
dont make me run up in your house
and hurt your moms and dad bruh
and i dont support that question
yall sum f-cking f-ggots bruh
n-gg- we shot for nuts, knee
and dat will be your last bruh
cause i only bought this glizzy just to let it blast bruh
i ain’t wit the house tea so i might need a m-ss up
they be thuggin out stuntin
got them deuce and dag guns
choppin team wit swagger
and my pockets fatter
you can pull up on the grove and get your window shot up
man sumtimes i ask myself do this sh-t really matter
but then f-ck it im not trippin
ima f-ckin savage
my girl tryna clamp me but i can’t fake the baggage
b-tch im out here and im thuggin
and we livin lavish

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