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500 horses lyrics – cousin stizz


feel like danny ocean. yeah

[verse 1]

back in my city first thing i did was h-t the cemetery
i talk to my n-gg-s pull me out some liquor
tears shed in my head i’m really ready
i ain’t worried bout n-bodies enemies
got the trusty dusty on me if it’s heavy
got a plan like eddy getting plenty fetty
and i still serve serve ben & jerry
got these b-tches surf turf what is levee’s
now she looking for love like it’s february
you could check my first word very scary
i was legendary never secondary
to the game i’m married
i gave all my heart to the money
cause the paper never petty
hope they don’t forget me
when i’m gone when i do
i hope h-ll or heaven got some henny
i heard so and so had got popped
you know down the block
n-gg-s got the drop
when the cops pull up the talking stops
you know sh-t is hot n-gg-s getting caught
drugs in abundance the canine’s bark
but you can’t arrest everyone in the park
moving some wisdom they young and smart
that’s why i could survive out here after dark
i don’t f-ck with you you n-gg-s marks
word around town you work with narcs
when the pound hit i just make it spark
hoping that my sound get me onto the charts
used to take trips to hit a zone
now i really take trips i’m far from home
i am not broke you got brittle bones
if you getting to it you are not alone

[hook] x4

my life is moving like 500 horses
think i’m addicted to riding in porsches
i never stop till my business in motion
now for the b-tches go like i’m danny ocean

[verse 2]

my n-gg-s moving without any motion
my n-gg-s pull up and kill the commotion
my n-gg-s got your b-tch wet as an ocean
my n-gg-s put down the pound when we smoking, no joking
my n-gg-s up and we gotta keep going
my n-gg-s real wondering why you lil n-gg-s keep lofting
i swear this sh-t ain’t been the same
out here since we lit up
these b-tches try to line you up once your bid up
i pour an eighth and take sip out the big cup
but i won’t slip up quicker than a lil hiccup
i don’t deliver no more only do pickups
and this a marathon lil boy get your wind up
these dollar signs the only thing that can fill us
so everyday i’m asking god to forgive us

[hook] x4

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