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500 more man lyrics – bo diddley


500%, mo’ man
a livin’ dream
bo diddley, baby
mo’ man than you ever seen

strong and handsome
and a teasin’ tan
bo diddley, baby
a nat’ral born man

some of you people think
that the man growin’ old
but i’m still ’round here, baby
and i let the good time roll

now, when i was a baby
the prettiest thing you ever seen
a young women’s wish
and a old women’s dream

teasin’ tan
500% mo’ man
a livin’ dream

now, when i went to school
i stop and went in
now, i’m a man, baby
standin’ amongst men

now, when you see me comin’
ya gonna get upset
pull out yo’ hair
break out in a cold sweat

teasin’ tan
500% nat’ral man

teasin’ tan

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