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500 people wide lyrics – pridebowl


there was a fuss then a gust amongst the villagers in the night
there was an uncanny disorder that seemed to fall by the darkness in the sky
then the jester and his court gathered at his side
women and children , farmers and tribe , they and his knights in blackened armor
there was a feast , then a ball that rocked’em all night f-ckin’ long
there was a cheerful glee in their eyes five hundred people wide
and they drank throughout the night , the fat lady sang , the cow jumped over the moon
the mouse ran up the clock to whistle a friendly tune
why can’t it be , the way it used to be
free living , insanity
the way it used to be
in the (k)night stood firm courageous pasts
in the women , it showed that children had plentied their lives
where in br-ss upon his throne he sat , he recognized this village was his own
through all the battles of time

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