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500 we deep lyrics – lil won


feat. d.a.y and supreme

500 we deep
you don’t want beef we to real off in these streets
hit that n-gg- drop his -ss wit a 2-piece
ya kant kompete
500 we deep
500 we deep
you don’t want beef we to real off in these streets
point a weak n-gg- out, swear to god ima eat
ima make this sh-t brief
500 we deep

my n-gg- you weak as f-ck str8up
we ballin no layups strait dunks
we don’t mask up we kick n doe’s
we taken this nd that that’s our kode
aye u get on the flo
bro open the safe take kash nd the dope
stop lookin at me hoe
tie’m up with tape nd rope nd lets go
whenever we k-m to the klub u know we mobbin
all that hatin sh-t u doing u don’t really want this problems
we the slip we the slip
banana klips on the hips u ain’t tryna take that trip
squad up yea bloods n krips
500 we deep chea chea


my team you will never catch ah f-ck boy / me and my n-gg-s run the game y’all just the ball boys / y’all say y’all bout that gun play but y’all ain’t bout that action/ man y’all just some f-ck boyz and i ain’t wit the actin / you gon think of standin ovations the wayy my guns clapping / it’s gon be like site seeing boy ah main attraction / you can call me lebron cause all this heat i’m packin / so many weapons you gon think of military action boyy/ and y’all don’t want this plex / i got ak’s and tek’s / at all times wear ah vest n-gg-a / or ya fam gon have ya picture on they chest / and you don’t want that do you so you better do what’s best f-ck n-gg-‘s!


showed up in the building team looking like we some villains
so many n-gg-s it look like a million looking at ya face i see how you filling
already wiped the mug off yo face you don’t wanna give the wrong idea you don’t know who i’m with you don’t know who watching
it’s one in a mill aliyah
i’m one realest real
see my soldiers will seal the deal russel crowe with the realest steel i’m the ice general i just chill
so act up like you bad uhh
my n-gg-s gonna hit you like a mack truck
everybody pointing bout to crack up while you laying on yo back like a flat b-tt
ha i laughed at you so next time better bring ya whole avenue
cause my people in here grilling with an att-tude at the bar bout to lose it on this absolute
100 200 500 deep 1 n-gg- 2 n-gg- 3 n-gg-s sleep. if you know better then don’t say a peep since you know better then don’t say a peep

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