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50k (freestyle) lyrics – black cobain


man i started after n-gg-s, but them n-gg-s finished
i see y’all n-gg-s with me, but your sh-t’s been runnin’
i’m the super y’all than tenis, got some truth and lutenance
n-gg-s talking like .. like the example they in it
you say ..for my b-tches, b-tches thick as delicious
kill your people now for .. six, new range rover and it’s ..
lill taste is here to lick, my n-gg-s till the d-ck,
if you’re talking bout the hammers, we got them tewel f-cking bet
boa, that’s the click, new deal that’s all the way
that means up and every day, just may like 300 kay,
let’s get it round round get it, me and little ..
move the 1, big ..
all real n-gg-s ain’t the s-cking again
in the same .. i could puzzle again and like a
but i ain’t knowing that sh-t,
taby voice i could ball that b-tch
i’m a cold n-gg-s missing gl-ss in my wrist
got a chick, i’m just think with my hands on the chick
i’m my own channel, kanye smoke my last tale
these n-gg-s been acting up, cause these n-gg-s as broke as h-ll
lil stack in my new gazelles, although i’m trying i’m dope fresh
dope boys know i’m fly, maybe asking where i cap that,
all the hatin man stop that, everywhere man to all the rapper
.. beatin up so relax, you sweatin me with your f-cking ..
mercedes benz skating through your city
i bet you got your favorite instagram ..
stop it through your studio, and i’ma need a minute,
dmv i recommend it, all my n-gg-s n-gg-s winnin
virginia out here sh-ttin, looking back they represent it,
and virginia out here sh-ttin, looking back they represent it
like right now, yeah .. i mean right now,
i’m living the dream like right now,
and i’m twerking get hipe now,
it must give you nightmares,
mick melly track 1, i got 2 chains like cat one
f-ck give me you death son, to say
you a water boy you say, cold bay two late b-tch.

50 k for shawty and my n-gg-s celebrate
now the b-tch she bet and the bad f-cking bad
i ain’t trippin of you n-gg-s all my n-gg-s selling swag
sh-t is easy
i swear

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