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5150/outro lyrics – itsoktocry


oh f-ck man, this kid again, f-ck
are you okay?
hey yeah, wh-ssup man
where you been, bro?
i’ve been (?)
how you still so sad? why are you so depressed?
uh depression bro, and anxiety, it’s not really that easy, it’s, it’s…
but you gotta be happy, bro
i’ve been trying but…
gotta be making music
it’s not that easy, bro, i’ve been trying as hard as i can but no one just listens to me
okay, tell what’s really been going on
okay, okay, okay

[verse 1]
i’m a ghost in my city, esp off the meter
i made a name for myself but still n-body can see it
i came a long d-mn way from bagging boof and selena
i still feel dead inside, but if i’m high then i’m feeling alive
bullsh-t, put the fact that i’m insane aside
bullsh-t, spilling out your mouth and out your mind
no way you see my silhouette through all the light
y’all fake, no more favors, i’m taking what’s mine

whoa, whoa, whoa, you gotta a lot to work on bro, you gotta slow down

[verse 2]
bipolar, mix that with the adhd
can’t sleep, can’t eat, dead as of lately
haters coming for me like they john wayne gacy
might be depressed b-tt the hate don’t phase me
never done a free feat, f-ck you, pay me
prefontaine at the track meet lately
tears stained racks on the floor, please save me
blood on the floor and the sink, please save me

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