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52 bars lyrics – kingsteveo



better my sound and i swear that i’m sounding different
and when yall talking rappers i better one yall mention
cause i deserve it, f-ck you mean imma prophet this sh-t was written
i’m schooling yall i’ve done master the academics

and yall some cl-ss clowns
yall entertaining, i’m amused now
this sh-t funny i admit it, yall in the groove now
but i be in my f-cking bag
aking nothing lightly with this music, mmm mmm never that
the game in in head of that

i’m in ah…. state of mind, where my mind state is just to f-cking grind
and i ain’t taking skateboards, talking getting if i f-cking tried
and if you got a dream that you ain’t chasing that man that suicide
you live your life in fear, that’s just shows the different between u & i

they try to cross me but never have i been crucified
imma god son, when i resurrect, with these holy lines
get it, resurrection, you cross me, you n-gg- crucified
tell me i ain’t h-lla nice
connecting bars with jesus christ

i’m….walking on the water goddamint this sh-t ah miracle
push his head back baptize em now they spiritual
wash they body in holy water, they do what i do
n-gg-s on wave, they follow me like they disciples

i’m wit the hunters, my units filled up with lions
i keep it honest, we go war we gon bomb it up, we islamic
lukkahihem i’m killing you rappers
look i’m am killing you n-gg-s
man if your raps ain’t got truth in it i ain’t feeling these n-gg-s

i overworked just to get here, ah n-gg- proud of that
you think i got it easy, then you nuts, man where the pliers at
i really got some loosed screw
arm and hammer, weapons when i drill em
couldn’t f-ck wit us
lay em down em like a carpenter

construction bars, that’s how i construction y’all
this whole song is ah f-cking structure, im building to reach to the stars
and i’m out of sp-ce,while you stuck
cause you n-gg-s fail to keep up with me
get em bagged in a ziplock cause all you n-gg-s is lunch to me

i’m really one in a diamond i’m on my jay z
and everybody f-cks me i’m cooler than a ac
spit these bars on instrumental cycles my flows crazy
spit these bars in a menstrual cycle the flow crazy

y’all couldn’t f-ck wit me period
understand that i’m the truth for all the people who’s hearing this
they ain’t really ridding wit you they just hang for the benefits
banana clips for you monkeys, just it case y’all get curious

i know you never heard it like this before
i’m fantastic
sh-t tragic
kill these beats closed casket
i’m ill with it…b-tch and i’m positive, thats magic
johnson, wit this sick sh-t
i’m popping on some lit sh-t

tranna get my f-cking music metro booming through yah hood
i done told you i’m the greatest don’t you get it understood
and they be hating when you up, i keep my distance as i should
cause n-gg-s change more like clothes from mr rogers in the neighborhood

switch up
switch up
switch up

i be playing em close close
cause the n-gg-s who act the loudest they be doing the most
stick em up, right on some pac sh-t
give y’all n-gg-s
after tracks
after tracks
i’m the rapping the orthodontist

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