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52 – outro / gimme dat lyrics – kj


well h-llo everybody
welcome to mda, that’s mountain dew anonymous
for those that have abuse problems with mountain dew
we have a new member today, his name’s kj-52
kj introduce yourself
my name is kj-52 and i’m addicted to mountain dew
tell the people a little about what happened

what am i gonna do, i’m addicted to mountain dew
when i drink just one or two
people say “what’s wrong with you man”
start acting like a fool, from all the caffeine and sugar too
i’m fiending like i ain’t got a clue
and this is what i’m gonna say to you

uhh…gimme that mountain dew
uhh…gimme that mountain dew
uhh…gimme that mountain dew
i ain’t playing with you better gimme that mountain dew

well, kj i know that must be tough to talk about,
but part of recovery is talking about it starts
explain how this started

i started when i was on tour
i had to stay awak so i went to the store
loaded up and i bought like four,
i just kept drinking more and more
when all of a sudden something happened to me
just for some reason i couldn’t fall asleep
mabe it was all the sugar and the caffeine
not sure but i started to scream…


well, kj i know that was painful to talk about
but you can overcome it
you just have to admit that you have a problem.

i got a problem i jsut can’t help it
somebody help i think i’m addicted
cause every day i just got to have it

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