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53 bodies lyrics – direct hit!


spent his youth under soviet oppression
trauma left him without an erection
impotence led to murderous rage
a vicious monster from the ukraine
swift and sudden -rg-sm
from stabbing women and killing children
a mistake of nature, a mad f-cking beast
murder was a s-xual feast

a mistake of nature, a mad beast

he rips her nipples off with his teeth
so beautiful and elastic
carves and scr-pes out her uterus
he overcomes his impotence

the sight of the mutilation
involuntary -j-c-l-t–n
stuffs his c-m into the womb
devours it, it’s his favorite food

castrate the boys and cut out their tongues
thrust a knife into their lungs
gag the girls with leaves and sticks
f-cks with a knife instead of his d-ck
uses a knife to gouge out their eyes
no imprints will be left behind
53 bodies piled up real high
3 more were claimed but he was never tried
the courts sentenced him to his death
shot russian style in the back of the head

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