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534 lyrics – memphis bleek


[verse 1-memphis bleek]
yeah, i come from bottom to the top
i seen a lotta n-gg-z fall
top to bottom, cause they flows wasn’t hot
them n-gg-z swore they was chillin, reality they not
that’s why i’m in the spot, treat the ?? like the pot
i’m strappin up that product, get my strip back in order
hit records, it’s like a brick, 16s is like a quarter/quota
that’s why i’m tryna flip it, this time i’ma do it different
mixtapes is like a fiend, n-gg-z givin free hits and
you n-gg-z let’m sample it, neva give’m the work
now this tape better then your alb-m sales, lookin hurt
i’m tryna take it back in the day, when it was 20 time
industry is f-cked up, the back to sellin n-gg-z dimes
singles is nickles, lotta alb-ms done flopped
lotta labels done dropped, you was signed, now you not
that’s why i neva play wit the position i’m held wit
who lie about sellin drugs? alb-m ain’t sell sh-t

you heard the t-tle n-gg-, 5-3-4
(cant hear the rest)

[verse 2-memphis bleek]
i’m bout to have this thing on lock, you can’t tell me different
i got the soft n hard top, you could tell i’m livin
i got that gat on my lap, just don’t tell the snitches
they got they tail between they legs, you could tell they b-tches
their ain’t no heaven for a g, so the h-ll with it
my life is deep, motherf-ckers please delve in it
started with promo, no h-m-, movin 12 inches
pimp the game, comin to age at 12, b-tches
(that’s when i had well-wishes)
n-gg-z call me prince of the city
next in line, call me king of new-yitty, pity
how the same n-gg-z that bailed wit me, bailed on me
took to many pulls of the l on me
drank up all kool-aid, left gl-sses in my kitchen
food for thought, my n-gg- you do the dishes

you heard the game and the name
you heard the t-tle n-gg-z, 5-3-4

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