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535-1746 lyrics – scopes phil


whoa, yeah.
hey, hey.
oh, well, you’ve been kind of mean to me lately.
so here’s what i’m gonna have to do.
i’m gonna have to look up your number
and i’m gonna crank-call you.
oh, should i say something to you
or should i just hang up the phone?
or will i have to let it keep ringing
until you get on home?
i got your number,
callin’ all night.
that’s how i get my kicks.
callin’ all night.
(i’m gonna get back at you)
oh, i don’t care what you do if you see me.
if you yell at me or have someone beat me up.
’cause i’m just gonna keep crankin’.
if you don’t like it, that is tough.
i’ll keep callin’ you at

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