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54 miles lyrics – ookla the mok


(yo what’s up baby?)
ay yo stick man, sh-t is f-cked up!
(who the f-ck this?)
it’s f-ckin fredro man!
(yo yo yo, turn the m-th-f-ckin music down god.)
it’s my f-ckin word, sticky, man!
(yo what’s up n-gg-?)
muthaf-ckas wetted everything out there.
(what the f-ck you talkin about?)
muthaf-ckas is dead, son!
(yo yo, calm down n-gg-, calm down!)
word to f-ckin mother man!
(just tell me what happened, god.)
it had to be about eight o’clock (uh huh, uh huh)
when n-gg-s sprayed the block, it’s mad hot
yo half the spot got locked
(what? who got shot?)
my little n-gg- bill from down the hill
we had a one through five
i heard he might not survive (aw, d-mn)
he caught one in his leg
two shots h-t him in his upper (what?)
part of his chest, two inches above his vest
heard you next (i’m next?)
that’s the word in the projects
(what? them n-gg-s ain’t no threat
they’ll whole set’ll get wet
yo go get the ak, and my two nines with the silencers
and at seven thirty, y’all n-gg-z meet me at veronica’s)
aight, no doubt, yo be safe, yo n-gg- i’m out
{let me talk to him, let me talk to him}
yo yo stick hold up, yo yo yo stick, talk to son
(aight, aight) don’t even wet that done, yo i’m bringin mad guns
{ay yo stick, that’s my word
it might be them n-gg-s from riverside
cuz i heard they knew somethin
about how my little n-gg- died}
(who who, little dave with the red car?)
{yeah, he had beef up there
with the same ones we seen at the strip arcade
with the scar by his head}
(aight aight, get the big sh-t, no bullsh-t, it’s time to flip
and i’ll see y’all n-gg-s later, be safe)
{no doubt, aight kid}
then they jumped in the

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