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54321…boom lyrics – public enemy


can it be easy as 5 4 3 2 1
d-mn sun
heard it was easy as
1 2 3
we don’t control the 3 e’s
still we be on the plantation
and you be in trouble b
dizzy whirls and n-gg-rlodeons
in the n-gg-r time
24 duckin the war
no shirt on like
wakin up at 3pm, no job
ridin around on a bike
hair half braided
half combed out
smoked out
still braggin about
how cats gonna come up
get that hustle on
while them babies born
headed to the club to get more chicks, cmon

these rhymes ain’t got
the glow of your normal
as another color p-sses
another brother fails
no singin or blingin
freestyle wingin
beer can sittin around
waitin for highlghts on espn
4 3 2 1 over it
some vince carter dunkin on mike, an sh-t
get yourself together
before these feds start
heads off the street
sendin cats to the middle of heat
far in the so called middle east
somebody gotta
beyond the beats

5 retail chains
got your brains trained
to consume anything
with a bang and a boom
gimme room
i’m sayin
it’s a scam to pay for airplay today
but 4 major corps
bought your support
check the fine print
that cd you bought
sony time warner universal
notorius bmg
no lie they just got emi
3 radio corporations
own all them so called
black stations
while two tv stations
gotcha kids waitin
wb we be
hatin the fact
every 5 seconds
canned laughter
rolls off the faces of blacks
u p n you pick a n-gg-r
to make the problem
as i await the one video arm
to get bombed
no doubt

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