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$55 lyrics – john wesley harding


i’m looking for those old familiar faces
in the places i left behind
all the townsons, barnes and staces
and some good old friends of mine
because everyone is someone
that i seem to recognize
must be the old familiar faces
in their eyes

i’m walking down these streets that have no signposts
in a language that i know
and i never will belong here
and it’s clear that one day i’ll go
but when i turn the corner
there’s another memory
why don’t those old familiar faces
let me be

i used to live a life without a present
and no need to go back when
but now i see the truth so clearly
and i want it her back again
she hosts the ghosts of people
in the shadows all around
until the old familiar faces
fill this town

everyday i feel the sun shine stronger
on the dark side of my heart
and people look like strangers now
that i can’t tell apart
so i smile and nod politely
like they’re friends that i once knew
i’ve found those old familiar faces
in you

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