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5:55 lyrics – expensivedispenser


[verse 1]
i apologize, but that don’t disguise
the manipulation and the lies and all the times you
told me about these meaningless interactions, what happened?
you made me not myself and thought that it would help
did you really love me?
i guess it wasn’t meant to be
complain, and complain, and complain
that’s how i ease the pain
you’d listen but i listen
that’s not how conversations work, is it?
regardless, i hope you’re happy
decided to dis-ssociate with me when i was chatty
when i put too much trust in the people who’d backstab me
like julius caesar i shouted and hoped you didn’t hear it
maybe it’s better if the whole world knows our secret

[verse 2]
i apologize, but lemme emphasize
that my battle with myself is eternal, i’m nocturnal
i stay up late thinking ’bout life, filling up journals
saying that mine can’t fit between two absolute value signs
i apologize, try this on for size
i give off the illusion that i’m all good on the external
even when you ask me i won’t say what’s on the internal

[verse 3]
i apologize, i’m not organized
always behind don’t make to-do lists, i try, but
something about it doesn’t work my homework
looks bad because i don’t care about what i’m learning
this useless info’s not the spark i need to get my fire burning
type of knowledge that’s useful is the type that i’m yearning for

[verse 4]
i apologize, my diction isn’t wise
i don’t think before i talk at least i acknowledge it
i wanna get away from everyone, how close college is
stomach got b-tterflies
can we compromise?
don’t let this jeopardize
please let me justify
so to summarize
i apologize

[verse 5]
i apologize, to help visualize
my heart is aching time’s-a-wasting
sanity is breaking along with my patience
please just tell me already i don’t deserve you
get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head
get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head
i’m negative 6 steps ahead

[verse 6]
i apologize, but can you recognize
i’m ill-advised when it comes to writing rhymes
remind myself of my own shortcomings when i arise
this extremely meta verse was a pain to memorize
jay-z flow i hope i don’t plagiarize
the best way to wrap this up only two words come to mind
i apologize

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