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572 cuthbert blvd lyrics – their/they’re/there


parking your car
a rendezvous overdue at the bar
and i could say we’re the same
but it would seem that you’re the man to ask these days

as you bend the truth
with a collection of stories you’ve hid
where do i begin?
if everyone’s pulling up floorboards
listening in

you’re hot sh-t and it seems that i’m the last to know
forced to call out my neighborhood shrink
she’ll make me choose between food or a drink
sharing wives’ tales
about speakeasies beside the turnpike gates
a recent problem in the diner state

but won’t you just hear the news
you’re counting on rain checks
just train wrecks
and i am sifting through

the collection of places you’ve been
where should i begin?
when i could be pulling up floorboards
i’m listening intently

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