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580 lyrics – elujay


do a buck fifty on the 580
and i’m tryna get you home with me
gas on the pedal, woodgrain dash
i be off the hennessy
let me get you home one time
i be in my zone one time
let me get you home one time
i be in zone one time

whipping back and forth to la, feeling like it’s wimbledon
took a couple l’s i know, so karma made me win again
i been in my prime so long
pain is when you innocent
i been in my prime so long
writing 16’s, i’m feeling like my plate is full
that soul food in my stomach make it hard for me to move
i just wanna live nice, f-ck b-tches and stay in school
i’m not a rap n-gg-, just tryna be something cool
i said run it, run it, run it for the free, and the cardio
lapping n-gg-s out of breath, i’m feeling like i’m mario
whipping, whipping, cooking crack, in it for the audio
i put some pressure on penning woods on the patio


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