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59 to 79 lyrics – philthy rich


[intro: philthy rich]
hey it’s philthy n-gg-
salute to all the real n-gg-s

[verse 1: philthy rich]
remember i used to live with my 3rd grade teacher
nowadays it’s 5000 for a feature
keep the hammer on me like that b-tch legal
foreign outside, i used to drive a regal
caught a dope case and i set it down
caught a pistol case and i set it down
interrogation room, i never made a sound
n-gg-s from my hood’ll find out and lock it down
old murder, never snitch, never cross your n-gg-
my young n-gg-s trigger happy, ready to of your n-gg-
i watch a n-gg- whack somethin’ then get back
(?) came home, they did send flat
s-m-n everywhere, i’m from a (?) with my c-ck
in a thick -ss b-tch but she can roll a blunt
these n-gg-s cuffin’ these hoes, they can’t control a sl-t
especially when a rich n-gg- like me rollin’ up
5-0 tuned in, these n-gg-s name droppin’
all these n-gg-s sneak dissin’ since my name poppin’
b-tch i was in the hood, cocaine shoppin’
all these rollies bust down with cocaine diamonds
your foreign and my foreign ain’t got the same options
forgiattos on that b-tch got me lane hopping
just left the mall for a pair of red bottoms
you was at the mall, n-gg- chain swapping
where i’m from, n-gg-s die young
i was one of them n-gg-s outside young
been on the road too long, ain’t been to the hood
i’m like 5 dollars sure, b-tch that money good
don’t wear mcm but i’m your best m-c-m
he three months late on his payments plus he leasin’ them
free jay bay, he need money on his books
so i’m taxin’ n-gg-s for these verses and these hooks
abusin’ all this syrup got me gaining weight
bullets in my legs’ll never fade away
pour up with my n-gg-s, probably fade a a
i’m a seminary n-gg- to my f-ckin’ grave
[verse 2: g herbo]
remember when i used to wake up sell a nickel bag
moms begging me to stop
say how she afraid i’ma end up in a box
in the field tote a glock
see a n-gg- outside then we on the ops
same routine every day till everybody shot
anyway young n-gg- ever since i was 15 been f-ckin’ on king
17 knew straight a
just to pull up sh-t n-gg-‘s face
keep a .40 still up on my waist
and f-ck n-gg- play with no limit we go shoot up the place
your b-tch on my d-ck, won’t let me f-ck her face
2016, young k, yeah who wanna race?
with a 30k out for the f-ck up on my way to chase
smoke an og flyin’ down the e-way pourin’ 6s up
went like 6 months without the dream but i can’t give it up
bl–dy red and easter pink, fall asleep every time i bring
and i’m leanin’ hard, no difference, we got the .40 inside my jeans
i’m addicted to promethazine
(?) best of me

[outro: g herbo]
hey, g herbo
150 dream team b-tch, you already know who it is man
shout out to my n-gg- philthy, city to city

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