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5am in philly lyrics (ft. tamba hali) – gillie da kid


f-ck all the haters that doubled gill
turmoil takes once checks down of bills
decay long, feeling the sound is feel
ah, and now lock me without a deal
’cause i got the wheel and i got them guns
when never the drama coming like you gotta cheled
they’re working seal, hitting californian rappers
i sway your favor rappers the h-ll of an actor
time proves even telescope to last
they shall all sh-t and they be televised
never swan the past, i’ll now you can done it
you like so boring, can me river your own sh-t?
wanna never rain about n-gg-s like me
all that costless in this cheese and n-gg-s you see
i’m the figure that be, i’m jane go one jam
i ain’t no house, n-gg- knom or n-gg- the flee
the n-gg- would pierce, i’m the n-gg- the get
when your girlfriend ain’t no one, i’m the n-gg- she win
so n-gg- don’t trick, keep call the phone man
when she done a promise, n-gg- she be all man
i’m my own man, i fallow my own plan
n-gg-‘s faker than b-tches, we used we song that
yea, shot guns, i’m willing to stone hands
cut former worries clough, call man
that would rather be sipping creeps for real
a lot of rappers been droven in crispy wheels
a lot of rappers been claiming and get in kneels
the truth us that they got three sixty deals
they do showing another n-gg- get paying
getting lower another n-gg- get paying
door smith get another n-gg- get paying
so the truth fear that all the n-gg- get playing
gotta m-ss the building, show it you’re so real
i got only save freaking brain and n-gg- have a meal
you cats can feed the bear, better hit my snick feeling street so ody
bulls like cracky vrube , y’all unit get sh-t
yea, come, watch these nigas for three
yea, come, watch these nigas for three
wau, ’cause all of these nigags sweep
minute may, killies through rainy guy
in the street, n-gg-s they been afraid
trynna get all back in the state
so i can feed the hostage sh-t, till this may
wait a gill, i’m in the building
so i can feed the hostage sh-t, till this may

-ssignments to critics enough less to deal with
and i ain’t need to rain all my rush all immediately
the gift that i received from the lord, wish i have put it
get on your knees and pray to god, that i shout it
i’m a shame when i game, when these dotes are taking
the sh-t is coming crocky like i’ve been in the river
the cane rap the flow, how we h-ll can deliver
i’m a real n-gg-, i don’t pretend to live h-ll
i’m more ready to got yea, still i got enough yea
most of youngs not capable, falling in that trap
rapping by sh-t, all n-gg-s never all pack
i focus on this prox from my wall, you’re cracking n-gg- up with the stone short fin tow
you bring some drugs, need to lead that cause
maybe never change, gain you know more drama
with the plot that giving now you’d open a comma
was some till that n-gg- step on slipping on me
i’ve been up till accord, i mean dipping that thing
with my eyes open i see n-gg-s like gots looking
i’m never weird, i ain’t give a f-ck who’s approaching
who called on him, who gotta do cross over’s
i put religion on my back, on my brot shoulders
call your soldiers, please go get your soldiers
’cause i’d be on the fancy, sometimes i’m falling
sometimes the towns are falling, f-ck n-gg-s they envy
ain’t got pay a penny for these n-gg-s, i ain’t got a sh-t that hardest way in the middle of these n-gg-s
run by myself, all i need is myself in this money
couple of women that i helped to keep on coming
i’m cool, this rolling on my west when i’m rolling with you b-tch
i’m just dome me n-gg-, she dome me too
true, i’m trying to hurt no feelings when she misses my name
she misses my feeling you know friday night when the lights come on
she tire yea, she be back she means five in the morning
i mean n-gg-, come on, would you figure what’s wrong?
she just lain on you before she lain his sh-ts
i got pay the money talking you sh-t don’t speak
talking figures not your business, should they sheep like we
ah, we won’t got take a dare, you can have a bed
see, i just bought and take it if i want it back
i hate to have n-gg-s that can never see this sh-t coming
that seppar you live in the club with that n-gg- on me
come on, religion on my back n-gg-s
fake the gang in the building.

/ ft tamba hali gillie da kid lyrics