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5am in stone mountain lyrics – mell ali


all you other rappers are janky
instead of writing ya diss you should really just thank me
to revive your career its seems that my name is just the antidote
i’m poison and for now you’re antidope
i’m everything you strive for
greatness comes with a gift, and this is something that you drive for
something to be alive for, something that’ll boost your morale and you can take 5ive from
looks like your careers tanking
maybe i’m in the rankings, maybe i need a thanking
you need a career change maybe go into banking
you’re just a little brat so maybe you need a spanking
this is the reason why i’m hot right now
flow sick , i need a shot right now
i’m coming for the spot right now
you think you had a buzz, but you’re a flop right now ha-ha
you can’t feel the love right now
all thanks to the man above
it was all fun and games until we started plotting and then i kinda got on a roll, now we’re looking like there’s something to be owned
“mike never rapped like pac, pac never tried to box like mike.”
this is what i told myself if i ever had questions in life
and trust moms was right
look at me now, i’m a king without the crown
can’t n-body hold me down, cause i’m up right now, and y’all suck right now
what am i to do when you n-gg-s get stuck right now
act like i really give a f-ck right now
or maybe i should end your career like justin tuck right now
you should give it up like now
don’t push me cause i get too uneasy nowadays
thought i could sign with weezy nowadays
then a n-gg- turned to yeezy nowadays
picture me rolling like breezy nowadays
this rap sh-t too easy nowadays
these n-gg-s act too sleazy nowadays
too sick i’ll make em queasy nowadays
a rookie to the game but he flow like a veteran
name a mc that he’s better than
too trill he’s fake like a feather man
we’re up and away like kevin federline
surrounded by the angels whom let me free
i’m not losing my mind so let me be
having visions i’m on bet
instead of walking the carpet like to win a grammy
a real n-gg- against fake n-gg-s don’t get involved
get to a certain level it’ll makes you n-gg-s evolve
maybe i should send something for you to solve
i’m like the second sun, i’m waiting to just revolve
so far gone, here the throne, take that sh-t, break that sh-t, we go home
you don’t understand any more
picture this you n-gg-s not in your lane any more
i changed the game, brady can’t hang with the bunch
betrayed like abe, cain brung pain to the bunch
hunger and pain n-gg-s don’t need any brunch
eating these beats like do i need any lunch
this is something like a pep talk
i’m a legend in making, & so far the game is for the taking
its won’t even take that long, understand, that you n-gg-s can’t hang this long
don’t push me cause i get uneasy nowadays
n-gg-s still wear fake yeezy nowadays
n-gg-s act like they can’t believe me nowadays
make you want to dance to this, bounce, then do ya dance to this
its kinda sad some of you n-gg-s not fans of this
sit back cause we got a hit

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