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5pm in austin lyrics – marqui


they not gon’ like this one man
oh well though
hear it for what it’s not
or see it for what it is
j’adore mi amour
still got love for my n-gg-s
they say don’t ask permission just ask forgiveness
so when it’s all said and done please forgive me

this the beginning of the end
i made a manager out my friend
we some young entrepreneurs
dwight just opened up a store
and now we basically famous
so let the story begin
now it’s steak for dinner
but we never stay for dinner
how come you don’t talk to so and so
cause i surround myself with winners
they just surround theyselves with n-gg-s
while i’m steady getting bigger
i’m likely legend i learned all of this from simba
what’s the time what’s the place
it’s 5pm in austin
before you step up in this race
i’ll put you all in coffins
so i left my city
making moves down in texas
then i got back to philly
they said we ain’t know you left us
but we still need the money
from no1 drug
no1 or noah whatever his f-ckin’ name was
we just needed the feature ’cause he was basically famous
he still putting out music i just listened to his latest
n-gg-s feel a way they saying sh-t behind my back
if i feel a way you might just hear it on a track
sh-t, man i’m lying you might see it on the snap
this that rhythm and poetry n-gg- i created rap
now i see my two cousins with they girls boo loving
got me thinking i should do something
but i don’t do cuffing, nah
that’s just some old news just like it’s a ‘tbt’
still wondering what kg was doing with nasty nis
i don’t care much at all now, i have no interest
living like royalty got involved with a fake princess
i waited too long for you i mean a couple summers
these two girls i used to hook up with now hooking up with each other
d-mn, now i done really seen it all
if it doesn’t concern you
i suggest you don’t get involved
this took blood sweat and tears
now i’m pouring out my heart
i’m almost at my goal
i’m still waiting for you start
every time i show up
man these girls be acting wild
yeah i’m bout to blow up
my n-gg- look at me now
this music is my legacy
i treat it like my child
so how the f-ck you gon’ tell me
i ain’t higher than c-ssius cloud
everyone knows that i’m just trynna win
they really thought that i was out here beefin’ with diamond
meanwhile i’m turning all these rappers into dying men
if they ever try to stop me tell ’em try again
these b-tches fell in love with my wrist watch
take ’em back to the crib and watch ’em lip lock
i’m on the road to riches you at a pit stop
be careful the next time you crown a n-gg- the prince of hip hop
trynna stay focused i ain’t taking no l’s
in texas i think i fell in love with domini sh-llz
i love all the haters and the ones that wish me well
can’t f-ck with girls around the way they like to kiss and tell
i don’t know what more to say to you n-gg-s
all you need is drive i already paved the way for you n-gg-s
i ain’t super man i’m tired of saving you n-gg-s
give you a couple dollars still can’t get no change from you n-gg-s
i know n-gg-s got booked over bud and a bottle
every since crystal i don’t f-ck with instagram models
now we all showing love back in the day we used to fight more
if n-gg-s retaliate then i influenced them to write about me
speak your peace or rest in it back to talking my sh-t
you can hear it for what it’s not
or you can see it for what it is
that went way over your head huh
n-gg-s still mad at me over some bred huh
i seen enemies in my friends but i used to trust ’em
bridges burn and tables turned i’m the one that bussed ’em
if they not on board with the moves then i’d say f-ck em
i take a step back and look at this music game i’m running
i just wanna be known as the greatest
it’s still some people who think that i won’t make it
yeah they had their chance but they decided not to take it
they rather do nothing all day and continue getting wasted
think it’s ’bout time that i ended this conversation
i still show love to the n-gg-s that be hating
i’m just here to collect my congratulations
’cause my name is marqui and i am “basically famous”

let me see if i can do that better

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