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5star superstar lyrics – catch


5 star superstar

checked out like an hour gl-ss
take on board a razorblade
live life like you love it
when i fell in love with cocaine
take each day by the limit
living my own f-cking law
hairspray and a tr-mm-ng
we’ve all seen these lights before


honey im a 5 star superstar
a beuticians wet dream
a lovely motherf-cker
make you f-cking scream

im a 5star superstar

h-ll bent on a bottle of jack
p-ssed out like im on a season p-ss
got everyting and were still hating it
you got nothing but your still loving
id still love to pull your hair
or even feel better you feel down stairs
couldn’t live life on an empty gl-ss
i took on board myself a season p-ss


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