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8-ball lyrics – cale charles


[verse 1]:
it kills me how you n-gg-s say you want a lil love, but you never show love back
that’s cuz really you a scrub. you official? where the stub? i need receipts, witness, all that
you think this is beef? this what you call that?
like, really? just in speech? cuz this is all raps
for me, well, it ain’t beef until i’m at your doormat in all black with a baseball bat
but, you ain’t really ready to face all that
you wanna dilly dolly and fake y’all raps
baddest b-tches call me daddy, but they can’t call back
cuz they blocked. meanwhile, all you n-gg-s swat
down for the team, now, all you n-gg-s swapped
swore they’d take the charge, now, all you n-gg-s flopped. straight hard facts
we started way behind it. where your 8 ball at? huh?

[verse 2]:
b-tch, you don’t know my struggle. you don’t know my cause
can’t blow my bubble. can blow my b-lls
heard too many other n-gg-s trynna flow like y’all
woopity woopity, oh my god. shut the f-ck up
does anyone remember back when biting n-gg-s’ styles would get you f-cked up?
nowadays,, you bite a style, you might luck up and be the golden child next i look up. please
i had the dope, ain’t have to cook the keys
you think you hot because you booked up?please
try me. i’mma f-ck around and catch a mother f-cking body
put me on the stage, you n-gg-s crumbled right beside me
straight hard facts
we started way behind it. where your 8 ball at? huh?

[verse 3]:
police kill a n-gg-. what the state call that?
then point fingers like, “they caused ruckus, and made carl up it!”
with his back turned? we pay y’all f-ckers
plus, the government is loving it, cuz they all puppets. stay woke
then, they tell you n-gg-s speak your mind, but stay cloaked
they don’t want us free. they want us dying in groups. call us street, when we just trying to cope
how you call it misfire when we soaked?
how the h-ll you twist the laws when our lives on the rope? fall back
slaves built the us. you ain’t pay for all that
now, if it’s you all vs u-s, we’ll take all that
and, now it’s beef cuz i’m standing on your doormat, armed with nothing but my f-cking b-lls and a baseball bat
still you all backed to the wall. straight hard facts
we started way behind it. where your 8-ball at? huh?

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