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8-bit blisters lyrics (feat. tonik) – 8-bit boys



8-bit blisters…cuts and swelling occurring

8-bit blisters…and i keep on returning

8-bit blisters…but look at the points i’m earning

8-bit blisters…god my hands are burning


´╗┐fingers swelling, pain is spelling

arthritis, blisters dwelling

on my hands, i don’t give a d-mn

i got at least two more hours to cram

left of this game, oh what a shame

i laugh at the pain, but feeling the flame

soaking my hand, i don’t understand

obsession, aggression that leads to possession

of sores on my finger, tingling lingers

wrapping em up, before i get injured

little too late, i start to debate

alcohol, i hesitate

gauze on my palm, i’m tryin to calm

the pins and needles stinging my arm

no need for alarm

by estimation, circulation will be waitin

[the ranger]

finger to thumb, my feelings are numb

the skin on em seemin like it has become

defended, no longer so tender but i can remember events
of few days ago when the

blisters, consistent resistance, i’m grippin controller

like holdin a piece of sandpaper

i move it and make a volcano of pain erupt

ruin my game, but i band-aid it up

played it up, changed the b-ttons, injured finger i
laid it up

evade the cut, keep on persistin, i’ll finish the

the blister is healin, the skin peelin off

revealin the tougher skin underneath isn’t so soft

no blister good reason to stop

so 8 bit boys gonna game till our fingers fall off

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