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8 days a week lyrics – marty mcfly


yes! marty mcfly. think hard breathe easy. inkie on the beat!

inkie:(wucka wucka)

what i gotta prove? who the h-ll are you?
all you lindsay lohans need to get a clue
i got an old style but to you, its h-lla new
green makes me happy so homie im never blue
even if i tried i couldnt get a better crew
if mommy want a car then d-mnit ill get her 2
cause i been on my grind, and thats all i care for
on my rosa parks theres little that ill stand for
ya know me! i be out in italy
so they minds (rome/roam) everytime they think of me
so use your mind baby im a walking mystery
im so gone, pic-sso couldnt picture me
we not equal all of yall are evil
on the road to riches i will sprint like the evo
so pause life man watch it on the tivo
and hit me up if you ever need a sequal

yeah, i got their head knockin
see i got what it takes to get their head knockin
i said i got what it takes to get their head knockin
yeah i got what it takes to get their head knockin

i keep it money over life but its family over money
hot chicks lie yeah the truths always ugly
cash on my mind jsut incase it ever call
i fly with no gravity homie ill never fall
all of yall are lifeless, me i am righteous
yeah all the dimes i be chillin with are priceless
on to the next one. hunny im the best man
and im a ‘beast’ i aint worried bout your ex man
girl do you get it? thats just a snippet
if you feelin froggy then homie go head and ribbet
your flows not nice, you got a false gimmic
just cause i got a shovel doesnt mean im gone dig it
im out of this world, theres a chance you can see me inthe sky
if houston got a problem so do i
and never will i ever look a hater in the eye
dale earnheart, ill ride till i die

repeat hype

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