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8 hour love story lyrics – jacob young


i wrote the note and i sent it over
it read im lonely tonight
she looked up she looked away
i wasn’t sure if it reached her
then that note came back to say
you don’t have to be alone
i can’t believe that’s what it said
you don’t have to be alone, just reply
i stood up, i turned her way
but that’s as far as i could get
before she took my hand
and led me outside
lets pretend we can’t forget about tomorrow
i make believe were the only ones alive
flesh on flesh
she leads me and i follow
lets not get confused
what’s it gonna be
oh, is this another 8 hour love story?
i woke up dreamin
about the angel in my darkness
i never even asked her name
as we moved the stone together
i could still smell her sweetness
but i can’t believe that i let her go
chorus repeat
as i lay here on my own
im already making plans
the same place the same time
that’s where im gonna be
hopin for another chance
chorus repeat
an 8 hour love story (2x)
8 hour
8 hour love story
8 hour
8 hour love story
8 hour
8 hour love (fades)

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