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808 lyrics – bliizzy


my n-gg-s be wearing that black on black looking like bruce wayne
ice on my neck, ice on my wrist call me 2chainz
yeah you know we the fliest in this cos we two/too plane
acting like mikel obi when we step out cos we not playing
verse 1:
back in the booth going harder, man still stay focused my eye on the paper
even zahir knows that there is none bad
that’s why these chicks calling me daddy the father(wait)
stacking and stacking the paper
that be the plans me and mt brothers laid out
so if you ain’t talking music or paper
network dey f-ck up abeg call me later

verse 2:
yeah the boy back i never left now
raise the trees up we never pipe down
put it on my life i’ll never back down
to the people that believe me
i’ll never let you guys down(wait)
we taking this to the apex
talk trash, i’ll let my middle finger say yes
chicks that turned us down now deybwan dey say yes
cos dey see us fresh in our band and our vortex (wait)
we won the game b before the play offs
creeping on a n-gg- n-gg- you lay off
cos we never back down and by the grace of oluwa and our hardwork we would always stay up
mehn i hold ir sheen for my people
ika o dogba mehn we are not equals
and to the people waiting on the new single the bliizzy sound is coming mehn waiting on that sequel (waiting on that sequel)

alli interlude


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