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82-0 lyrics – rdiii


verse 1: there was a time where i lost but now i’m undefeated, i’m the pistons in 1990 t-tle repeated, i’m like russ in the past season stats leading, i just came in the league domination for no reason. sweep the whole season, bye for the first round, 6 points on the board, touchdown, we are the champions, all the rest down, we already p-ssed ‘em all, come on the test down. here we go now, it’s 82 wins, 0 losses on our record, here it begins, going undefeated, i can tell you i’m in, i’m like dj khaled, cause all i do is win. release the singles, and now they’re selling, undefeated, what i gotta tell em, 82-0, i’m a legend, and now i’m the thing they gotta mention

chorus: cause i’m 82-0, go for broke. x4

verse 2: already 82 let’s make it 164, time for the playoffs, just open the door, we have our heads in the clouds, but our feet on the floor, after we win it all, they’ll be asking for more. even though you ain’t decided this, i still just got the timing, and i think everything just has to do with me and rapping, rhyming, even though i write these lines they’re generated from my mind, but every time i try it seems like everyone’s in denial. so i just went ahead, and i picked up the pace, it all starts with the warm-up, and tying the lace, go as fast as you can, like you’re running a race, we already know who’s at the top man there ain’t no debate. 82, that’s our wins not our percentage, but 100 is, and that’s always our leverage, why would you go for more, when you’re always great, so you won’t have to pick up again and rewind the tape

chorus: cause i’m 82-0, go for broke. x4

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