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834 on a sunday lyrics – dvg


that’s ‘cus i wanted to

[verse 1]
why must you lie to my face ma
you felt like keeping it safe ma
i fear the only thing scaring you is
the lack in you’re safe, huh
you been in a place, huh
i’ve been alone for a decade and more
you’re trapped in a cage, huh
elephant in the room, hard to ignore
never your fault though
i couldn’t pay you to take any blame, right
my siblings agree
you just believe that your kids are insane, right
ain’t spoken in years
most of my fears are looped in the same fight
don’t drown in them tears
i live for cheers, maybe it’s all spite
you were my biggest fan inside
kinda like the hero type
helped flex my appet-te
like you’re on skype almost every night
you’re burning the bridges, you type
there’s no returning, but you think you might
how many times do i block all your numbers
i hope you recover, but you’re like dynamite
i’m sorry to say
i love you momma, but i appreciate the sp-ce
you collect the drama
in fact, i think that it’s all that you chase
i learned it all from you
the good i cherish the bad i try to shake
you put too much weight on hate, for goodness sake
just clean your plate
why you always on some fumin’ sh-t
put them stories down
it’s getting heated over dollar signs
you should cool down
always shouting all these foolish lies
who’s the fool now
never sorry while you’re doing it
let yourself out

you have discussions mapped out the way that you want it, yeah
if it reroutes a different direction you gun it, yeah
i can’t get through to you, you’re stubborn
i’m stalling, i’m done
quit talking
i’m walking away
it’s harder to swallow
you feel so

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