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’87 camry lyrics – nighttime safari


turn signal metronome
hit’em with that petra-tone
blessed to roam all through italy with a girl with high heels
now i got a map hat explains how maroon 5 feels
my my how this ride feels
i could be high up in the sky with m-m-my sk!lls

[verse 1]
my bars the type to freeze your blood but keep you warm
cause it creates oxygen man, to help you perform
vandes: “man whoa, you know you ain’t that sweet!”
i’m like “i’m just playing now get back in the back seat”
but catch me if i drop the anvil like acme
and attack me if i ever act this blasphemy
lets attack the fact that we impact the back 3
when we in the front seat not acting cl-ssy
cause you sitting shot gun they may fire back
tryna leave my laziness all up in the tire track
cause i kick a rap with a sick attack
then stick it back in my fitted cap…
call that my mind vault
bout to shock the world old school call it 9 volt
man check this, you know i’m bout to wreck this
i got the lamborghini, and next is the lexus
and then we going way back man you know i had that maybach and i….

vandes: “whoa whoa whoa man, hold on, yo ben…
you drive an 87 camry…”
“…my bad”

we roll deep in my 87 camry
homies in the back seat you know that’s my family
gotta keep it rolling hope the tires don’t pop
cause good times keep rolling when the rolling don’t stop…

[verse 2]
unless i run out of gas
or the corroborator breaks and i run out of cash
until then, man we making it last
whether its 2 miles an hour or we taking it fast
“it’s 5 o’clock” and we’re headed to micky d’s
my radio broke so we play it on mp3’s
or sit and have conversations about the complications
of our lives and their many complications
because we all know that we need to offer patience
but then we’re off to making jokes about how mark is taking…
forever, but we just tryna learn
this the ride of life and we just tryna turn
or sit in silence like some twenty-one pilots
lined up for the air strip and headed off for the islands
so the sound waves could crash all around them like some sirens
but you know what? i kind of like the quiet


[verse 3]

so in the winter time it gets really cold, and no heat transpires
and my cars heater is broken…
so you know i spit that fire!
cause i spit a little rap and i get a little dap and i fiddle with the fact that i’m straight insane
hit ’em with attack then i give a little back and i never get a lack to play the game…
i talk science in my raps, but i can’t p-ss the cl-ss though
broke the main stream cause i ain’t about that cash flow
i’m a cheesy white rapper, but my name ain’t mac, yo
which means i don’t compute with the temptation from the apple
i stay back yo, from the deceivers act bro
which means that i stay with the light that’s all natural…
the sun, i ain’t tryna ask for the horror
you know i ain’t tryna wear a mask like majora
playing legend of zelda, but my triforce different in this
cause my link to the past is something that no cap could diminish
a jedi, i feel like; cause the seat belts automatic
that’s a force to be reckoned with when we chilling up in traffic

[chorus x2]

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