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88 coupes lyrics – harry fraud


cuz i don’t know where’s the top
n-gg-s smoke nalbel at, eighty eight goaps like a colaps
i’ll be eighty eight starts of the flow high
need the federal, flip the worth coming back like their rose
you don’t call me, i’mma call you
it’s easely, bread and i avoid you
stop bagging i don’t own you
they voice you cross the line n-gg-, i don’t know you
make a bomp call the middle weak
middle closet like fashion week
slaigh drugs still got the pocket
you still make some a lot fine today
try zip mama and melt
way n-gg- is no hang with ni liquer
man watch for the stake
gob gonna flow, don’t want all on my road
a lot like p-rno show
feel free, n-body will kill it
wanna tell you a storie but god won’t bet with you
and now, i ain’t try to get real for you
so go and tell the b-tch to speal for you
you count, shine up with out it
toast some cake on, pills what we need now
caught in block is your boy on it
young boy shutter like the more confidence
bricks in the base give the n-gg- sp-ce
clips in the matrais, live with the waves
five stars tell him, said she’s six hating
now are all killers my n-gg-s all ready
gift and curse next step be the worst
next good be the hurts man the sh-t run,
when it hurts my nigas sing it high
for the church dog, man sing it on
was the first talk, now in age fight
i’ll be claining his wish, the team is official, black white diamonds
all i need is a wistle
my wide is the dishue, now may i pricide the chisue
they put you above the only single man
homie speakers out of the pringel tag
can’t wait to do that thing again
when they mention your name the bells ring again
getting that cake it calls french
you love turn from hate in addiction
mine think …prescriptions
up in the president your sweet when you fixed it
lot suckers in the banz
good guy, young, suckers, n-gg-s lives
quick and way you go, f-cking with the kids
ain’t gonna stop ’til you pugging with the sense
go on hundred thousand f-cking with the n-gg-
i’mma fly on the problem, buck full of bricks
last nigh in club, f-cking with a b-tch
get money in the field but f-cking with the six
words of a fight, drug to the game
lil n-gg- knows the hood, running though my veins
real stubler with great toys …and straight boy
just smoke loud and make noise
dream team, great voice
all green daddy and naughty eighty eight troy

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