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88 lyrics – andre nickatina


since 88′ been slingin tapes like cakes
consult with the real and stay away from the fakes
told my n-gg- mike-mike, theres money to make
and hes been down here since 88′
fakes and snakes infiltratin skeem
crack is queen and tiger, money is king
man… my n-gg- spanky got a h-ll of a beam
since 88′ hes been a dream to fiends
from state to state i gotta sling these tapes
cds to make so women m-st-rb-t-
educated n-gg-s wit ghetto fame
famous for splittin up n-gg-s brains
you reap what you sew when it comes to the game
swift to the fifth and now you have no name
since 88′ dope is escalate
n-gg-s out-run cops thats over-weight
the 1st and 15th are sacred days
money and hoes flipped are different ways
weed is smoked at an alarmin rate
prepare for an att-tude at the start of the gate
man… my minds on the money and my brain cant escape
so just like cakes man, ima sling these tapes

since 88′ man, theres been a race
ears, they open wide when game is laced
man…this s-xy hoe, she got a h-ll of a face
so ima use her to fly tapes across the state
prices dropped and they rise like yeast
no shows’ll have a n-gg- mad for weeks
man…my girl just quit me and i loved that freak
so frustration f-cks is what i have in the sheets
crime and murder has escalate
fun and love has just turned to hate
gin is in and n-gg-s drink it raw
watch for the task cause n-gg-s break the law
don’t look for trust because it don’t exist
you talk too much to that nasty b-tch
man…she told your plan to a h-ll of a d-ck
he told his click, now for a minute they rich
since 88′ i been slingin tapes
like keys from cuba or the miami state
triple beam it up and see how much ima make
its been this way man since 88′

motherf-ckas drive cars that alert the law
finest things that youve ever saw
make a b-tch suck d-ck and come up outta that bra
found out she was cheatin, d-mn near broke her jaw
masterminds… they got skeems for cream
tryin to live that american dream
most n-gg-s die over b-tches and greed
f-ck the rest of this song i’m bout to smoke my weed

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