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88 rock-n-roll band lyrics – max resist


“this song is dedicated to all white nationalist all
around the world. united we will win.”

white power!

they call me n-z- an i am proud about
they call me racist and i shout it out loud
i am proud of my race, proud of my land
white brothers and sisters
come and raise your hand

we are an 88 rock ‘n’ roll band
we are an 88 rock ‘n’ roll band
we are an 88 rock ‘n’ roll band
and we play for the fallen for race and land

we are marching on the streets at night
boots and braces we are ready to fight
get out you sc-m rounding around
white aryans are saying no fun

white brothers wars no more
here comes the racial holy war
our dream is a white revolution
white revolution is the only solution

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