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8th ocean dried lyrics – scar of the sun


dry, like you cannot believe
not wasting time to grieve
i’ll stop obliteration,
i will leave

a shiver down my spine
a figure once divine
the strength of desperation
crushed your shrine

this sun is fading
and time was never part of this alliance
this sun is fading
and i was not an object of defiance

diver of the vastness of your waters,
chained and prayed to set me free
now the pores released the spite
drained your ocean off of me

thirst, consume me, show your greed
your leeches i will feed
until there’s no more blood
for me to bleed

come wash away the stain
elation after pain
thus no more of your traces
will remain

water’s burning, winds are turning
i command now when the sun sets…

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