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a better view lyrics – equation


the miracle was true and it bled from me to you
now we`re bound into what we`ve found
but hey, what a better view
it`s colour you should try when the light beneath you
spread your wings and give up the things
to become a firefly.
the silhouette of you cast a shadow to wash me through
i believe we can all succeed
to become the lucky few.
keep on painting p-ssion
and you might just save the day
oh, colour i want you.
keep on painting patterns
and you might just break away
oh, colour where were you
when i needed you
we stick with human glue, with a colour fit for two
now we`re bound we can turn around
to become the lucky few.
the pinnacle we know is that everone will come and go
take a chance, all for true romance
and hey, let your colours flow.

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