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a black rainbow rising (castle of no repair… lyrics – ophthalamia


why does my heart feel so cold in this heat of cruelty?
is it the bl–dy business which informs thus to mine eyes
may the huntress take my soul for love never existed
i am touched by evil i am baptized in blood
a rainbow in black is rising over a still ocean swept in misery
the sun is hiding behind murky clouds and never will the bl–dy
stains go away all my will for life has been torn to gray
i must hide in darkness and i must dress in shadows
my doom is told by the witness of the crowns has been torn to
grey, i’ve been torn to grey
every night has been the worst yet worst is to come
all smiles are born to die an dead is all laughter
smell the stench of death
feel the choking pain
darkest thought so dreadful made doomed and sorrowful
i’ve poisoned my dreams to nightmares
i am empty and cold but still filled with horror and dread
to be king was it worth the price?
and what seemed corporal melts like breath into the wind

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