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a bronx hello lyrics – royal crown revue


here’s a little taste of a
bronx h-llo
when the heavies meet, you know
they’re nice and mellow
the gans start to fibbin’
and begins to shout
the heaters start a heatin’ and
pop, you’re out

forty gut jimmy was a jellybean
moving up the street
for a bloodhouse queen
frog eatin’ jackie was a barber’s cat
tailin’ old jimmy for a bit of fat

well the hard egg sh-lls
he caught in the head gasket
the next thing you know, jim was
wearing revlon in a casket

the hallelujah syrup
he began to drunk
in no time lucy sittin in the clink
the barbeque stool
jackie got to know
and that’s a little skip on the
bronx h-llo

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