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a calling of wisdom lyrics – dead men don’t wear plaid


a calling of wisdom
had entered my kingdom.
much like a vivid dream
i recall everything.

protect her to her grave.
in return you’ll be paid
a lifelong fulfillment:
a true sense of reason.
through trial and error
your actions might scare her.
there must be an answer
you must stop this cancer. now!

force yourself awake. right now.
don’t be afraid. you will find a way.

those who tell you it’s not worth it are cowards.
your knowledge and experience give you light and power
as the roots to your stem we support your functions

if they feed us waste
we will generate
a force to compensate
all the things we hate.

the future of man changes with every moment.
can you tell me why we try to perfect it?

her submissive complexion results in her exhaustion
beauty fades
weathered by the wind,the rain

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