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a deeper essence lyrics – enoch


i tasted the power, shattered the chalice
a bloodfed reptile hissing my rage
i am the creator
evil in potence
i am the union
materialized thought
the first and the last
nothing p-ssed my mutual sight
nothing dies in endless night
adonai name me for i’m your master
fear me, for i am your judge
sacrifice to me your first-born
engrave my name, fear my name
all ye, my children, shall be slained
all ye, my brides, shall be raped
adonai name me, for i am your lord
fear me, for i slained your god
learn my name, repeat my name, forget my name
know my f-cking name
i am the ar
the lion-serpent sun
the wanderer, father of all
the wanderer, spirit of all
adore me, serve me, pretend you love me
i am the dragon i am the master
i am the night, the deepest pit
fear me and bow your bleeding knees
humiliation, degradation
your fear i claim, your pride i slain
jod-he-vau-he / he-vau-he-jod
learn my name, repeat my name, forget my name
fear my f-cking name

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